Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I haven't checked the charts but somewhere over Britain must be the line where two weather systems are meeting. My parents on holiday in Dorset are having all the symptoms of a low pressure front. They're particularly enjoying the rain. In Stirling this was our fourth day in the row of skies passing for summer: calm and blue. But clear skies, particularly at night, give the air an added bite. Winter is settling in. It can be seen in the paleness of the blue and the skeins of geese crossing over, daily. Curiously no Redwings yet.
I walked over the bridge across the loch just before the sunset, pausing to take a picture. If I wasn't busy I would've waited for the sun to drop fully to reveal the rich colours that are just forming, waiting to paint that line of wispy cloud. It'll do though. The pre-sunset is better than no sunset at all.

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