Saturday, 29 September 2012

With Friends

Dumyat is hardly a mountain, though it depends how you define it. It limps in at 418 metres above sea level and angles itself on the western edge of the Ochils as if leaning against the main range for support. It's a well trodden path. Blue sky brings the walkers of Stirling to it like wasps to a picnic, and the students who know that the best cure for whisky heads is being blasted with a brisk northern breeze.

It's still roughly 400 metres higher than anywhere in East Anglia. It's odd then that despite being known amongst the university's nature society as Steve from the flat south, I lead the way. Quicker than anyone else. I have no desire to run on flat ground, but there's something about an incline, peat and long grass that make me want to run up. And then down. And then up again. And to slap my hand against the grain of the igneous rocks and feel the grain from countless storms.

It could almost be that nature intended man, or me at least, to have a slope beneath its feet.

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